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Why Oats?

Oat Based Alternative
to Rice and Noodles

Eating wholegrains are a great way to keep healthy as part of a varied balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, but the delicious and versatile oat is our real hero.

Here at Oat Made, we want to put oats on the map. As an incredibly diverse grain it makes a great mealtime alternative to both rice and noodles and can be used in many different recipes.

Rice is a staple in many diets; a significant proportion of the world’s population consume rice as a part of their diet. Rice is an edible cereal grain produced by the grass plant Poaceae. However, unlike oats, the climate of the UK is not suitable for growing rice, with more than 90% of the world’s rice grown in Asia. Rice is cultivated in a different way compared to other grains because it is a semi-aquatic plant that requires consistent irrigation for the whole season to grow.

Poorly managed rice paddy fields are a major contributor of greenhouse gases leading to climate change. The only irrigation that oats require is our great British rain and all of the oats in our Oat Made products are grown right here in the UK where we have the best climate for producing this super grain. So, in comparison to rice, Oat Made oats have a vastly reduced food mileage / carbon footprint, and also don’t require excess water in order to thrive; all of which are great reasons to introduce more oats into your diet






Another great reason to use oats as an alternative to rice is that oats are naturally high in fibre including heart healthy, cholesterol lowering, soluble beta-glucan fibres. Just one portion of Oat Made contains at least 1.5g of beta glucans which is 50% of suggested daily amount of 3g.

Oats are incredibly versatile; no wonder we chose them as our key ingredient for our delicious range of meal accompaniments and one pot meal solutions. They complement a whole host of flavours and foods whether this be plant or meat based – that’s why we’ve started with Mexican Style, Golden Vegetable, and of course Original which allows you to add your own favourite world cuisine flavour. Delicious added cold to salads or hot with vegetables Oat Made can help create quick tasty meals in minutes. For our complete meal pots you can choose from Katsu Curry, Sweet Chilli and Mexican Style.


With Oat Made we have created a delicious and nutritious plant-based future, with the amazing oat at the heart of every meal. We believe they are a perfect solution for not only vegans and vegetarians but a growing number of us who wish to reduce the amount of meat we eat and follow a flexitarian diet.

Only the best British grown oats are selected for our Oat Made Pots and Pouches. Next time you’re thinking of rice or noodles why not try one of our delicious Oat Made alternatives.